Monday, February 9, 2015

[ StockReleaser ] Property Release Builder

What's the case?

It's always a bit routine to create a new property release file each time when you want to upload your art, picture or photo on stock sites. And one obvious idea comes to your mind: "can't believe that there is no any service to do this automatically!"

But, there is a one - StockReleaser [ ]

How to use it?

This service does all this job easily!
All you need is to fill all the fields with appropriate values, upload signs and upload one or several pictures to build release for. Then just push "Build Release" button and wait until building process is finished. Finally, just click on link to download property-release as result file (ZIP file). That's it! Inside this ZIP file you will find property-release files for each uploaded picture with all filled fields.

Also, watch this guide video on youtube:

Application design was already modified a little, but general steps are the same.

Property Release fields

Owner fields:
  • Sign. Drop box field. Picture with owner's sign on transparent background saved as PNG.
  • Name. Text field with owner's first and last names.
  • Phone. Text field with owner's contact phone number.
  • E-mail. Text field with owner's contact email address.
Witness fields:
  • Sign. Drop box field. Picture with witness's sign on transparent background saved as PNG.
  • Name. Text field with witness's first and last names.
  • Drop box field. Pictures to build release for. This field allows to upload multiple number of pictures. Each picture could optionally have description.

How it works..

This service receives all input data required to fill the property-release template. It converts all text fields to images. Then, it places these images, images with signs and pictures-to-release upon property-release template picture. Finally, it saves result as new picture.
StockReleaser allows to upload multiple pictures-to-release per one time. In this case, new property release would be created for each next picture. As result, it will build ZIP file with multiple property-releases inside.


If you have some suggestions, feedback or if you find some problems with this service (it doesn't work correctly, stock site rejected property releases and so on) - send a feedback to developers on this e-mail:

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